Canoe Camping Alone with Hot Tent and Tent Wood Stove


sWhat a fun trip! Watched this with my sons. They kept asking “Dad when can we do this!” Looks like we’re going canoe camping soon! Great video.

Great camping trip, Mark. Sometimes the simple things in life like going camping bring so much peace and relaxation to this crazy world we live in. Great trip my friend.


I’m so envious! Great trip Mark; quiet, relaxing, dry – exactly what you’d want in your first trip of the year. And that breakfast? I want to go cook up something like that right now, it makes me so hungry! I don’t know when I can get out now, but I hope my trip will be something like this!

Nice getaway Mark! First canoe trip of the year is always something to truly savour, including your McGredo. 😄

WOW, peaceful, quiet, comfortable how nice. You are fortunate to be able to do that. Nice job and thanks for taking us along. I’m recovering from heart surgery and this is a close as I can be to enjoying a beautiful day in nature. Thank you.


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