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I doubt that I could afford a titanium stove, so this would be my favorite of all the ones I’ve watched to demonstrate. I like being able to load it through a wider entrance rather than a small and lengthwise entrance. I just love everything about this stove. Thanks so much for the great demonstration.


I just saw this on their website and the owners reviews were very positive!
The tolerances on this stove are particularly precise to make it smoke tight, which befits a dweller stove which is not designed to disassemble for packing small.
The cooktop is 3mm thick to prevent warping which is a really nice touch.
The secondary air and baffle really impressed me, as did that truly spectacular window and its airwash system.
I had been considering a small wood burning stove, even more so as the charges for electricity and gas supplies has skyrocketed in my country, as have petrol and diesel fuels, whereas I can get wood at no cost (other than to go and get it).
It is clear that a considerable amount of thought has gone into this stove, and with its desirable features mentioned above and its very attractive, modern and purposeful appearance, its currently my favorite choice!
For vans, cargo trailer camper conversions, truck campers, rv’s and tiny houses and cabins, this beautifully made stove is a serious contender, at a very affordable price.


Wood stove technology has come along way in 25 years. Impressed the engineer considered secondary gas burner and the air wash vents for the viewing glass although, not convinced the viewing glass won’t soot-up, but that is no big deal. -Good presentation!

Someone finally figured it out! The way it should have been since hot tent stoves were first designed. Now what it still needs are side windows as an option. An accessory that sits on top to increase the cooking area such as a griddle or something similar. Attachable side drying racks for wet socks or mitts or toques. Also an extra ash tray or some sort of plate to allow you to empty the ash tray while the fire is in full force so not to allow ash to fall below into the bottom and possibly out the vent hole. Fancy window patterns as another option! A top round wood feeding port would be nice like on older stoves! When all these options are introduced Pomoly won’t be able to keep up to demand and that’s when my money goes towards one! Great product Pomoly!! A few more tweaks and you will be leading the others by a long shot!!!!


One thing I noticed that was a concern was the ash pan ever decreasing in height on the sides, dropping to a very low back. It will allow the ash to spill over easily creating a constant cleaning problem. If the sides and back could be higher allowing more containment it would be good. It is an excellent heater and I am going to bookmark your link. The part I have mentioned is very small and easy to correct in what is a well thought out piece of work.


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