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Thanks Lonewolf for the detailed overview of the T Brick mini – very impressive! It may be small but it sounds like it still packs a punch when generating heat. Also I love the reinforced construction just about everywhere on the Mini – nice to know that there will be little to no warping. πŸ‘. Just unboxed my Oroqen stove and I was blown away on how solid and well thought out the design is. They spared no details. Thanks for the great intro to this stove.


I’m still using a Gstove which I love. It’s as durable as a tank but it also weighs as much as one! Been looking for a lighter weight stove for hiking. This one might be the one to get! You always give such thorough breakdown of the product! Really appreciate it!


Hey Jeremy, quick question for you. I’m looking at getting a hot tent stove this season. I’m looking at a pomoly, something small. I’m also looking at getting the pomoly stovehut 20. Which stove will go well with that tent? I’ve had a few companies reach out to me to film their stoves but they seem a bit questionable, so pomoly looks like a good way to go. Thanks Jeremy, congrats on 300k!


I own a T1 mini fastfold without any side windows.
While I really like the fastfold feature I don’t think it is essential, since the most challenging part of the assembly is cleanly threading the thre screws, that attachthe damper and anchor the stove pipe.
What I like about the T-Brick Mini (vs. my T1-Mini) is the dual wall construction on one side. That heat shielding makes safe placement in a small tent, e.g. Polish lavuu, a lot easier!

Nice to see the company is evolving and improving the stoves.


Nice looking stove. Performed as expected πŸ‘ Someday I’ll purchase one,when they come on the CNDN market. I already have 2 stoves..Russian Bear medium and Danchel for my UP2 hot tent and 3×2 vestibule…both require stoves in the harsh cold Northern Ontario winters,where the temperature drops down to -35c to -40c without the wind chill. Thanks for the shareπŸ‘ŠπŸ’₯πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦


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