Portable Tent Stove | Pomoly Traveller Titanium


Great review and as it seems very lightweight travel stove. I’m not sure if I like the bulkyness, even when travelling with the truck. But its great Pomoly addresses different interests with this kinda setup!

As for the material strength its seems like a zero got scrambled somehow after your intro: I reckon “point zero six” (.06!) was meant to be “zero point six” (0.6) millimeter. My first reaction was kinda “oh man, thats gonna be really lightweight”… and then “mhm… but its gonna warp considerably”… until I noticed its not THAT thin πŸ™‚

Thanks again for sharing and all your work!


Pomoly is knocking it out of the park lately. I just pre ordered the new Timber rack system would be interesting to see if they come up with something similar for this new stove


I love this stone but i really would like to have the baffle and the double wall of the t brick mini.
For me having solid pipe sections makes more sense because most of my camping starts with a canoe trip, and to be fair i really don’t need a folding stove.
This stove is the answer to what i am looking for but that double wall and the baffle will make this the perfect stove


Great looking stove. Pomoly sent me an email about it a few weeks ago. I checked their website a couple of days ago and it said that this stove is a pre-order and does not include the stove pipe. I’m confused?
Thanks for the review Jeremy.πŸ‘


just a little comment you mentioned that you can just pound it to get the ash out you can also take a bottle brush once it has cooled and you can use a bottle brush to get the back end so that you can clean it more thoroughly since it doesn’t the false bottom as you call it doesn’t come out just an idea for people like me who like to keep things in tip top shape for as long as possible remember Ash can sometimes get wedged into corners and it builds up. And no I don’t have one of these but I have dealt with other things that are similar in the fact that they are hard to reach in the corners and it’s always good to make sure you have a good brush that can fit into the back to get those corners cuz otherwise it does build up.


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